Smith is my name, I guess you know yours. My parents gave me the first name of Frank, after my great grandfather. He was a good man, just like all the men in my family. I am 27 years old, and I live in the area known as Portland, Oregon. I have my Associate's Degree in Culinary Arts through the Le Cordon Bleu program at Western Culinary Institute. I am a line cook by trade. Actually, right now I am an engineering Technician at Xerox. I needed a break from the food business for a while. I also love working on cars. I have an old Chevy truck I am constantly working on. I just put in a new motor, it should be alot of fun when it is all finished. I also love music. I played trumpet and baritone from 5th through 12th grade, and after high school I picked up the bass guitar. Every now and again I do a little keyboard action as well as acoustic guitar. I like all kinds of music, from classic rock to country, techno to metal, I listen to anything and everything. I have an amazing girlfriend named Liz. She is more than I deserve and more than I could ever ask for, and I love her very much. The funny thing about our relationship is she thinks she is the lucky one. I love Nascar, I watch it every weekend, and I went to a race in Talladega with my dad once. It was awesome. Don't spend too much time looking at my website, Homeland Security will get your ass.

November 5, 2009
Farmville has been consuming my life lately. It is seriously crazy. For those who don't know what Farmville is, it is a Facebook app that lets you run your own little farm. You start out with almost nothing and you have to plant, plow, and harvest your crops and trees and take care of your animals. Each crop takes a certain time to grow before you can harvest and then if you wait too long it will wilt and die and you don't get any money for it. There are lots of achievements to earn, and you can buy decorations, buildings, etc. So, I started playing Farmville and now it is to the point where I am planting certain things based on the time they take. For example, raspberries takes 2 hours so I will do a few crops of raspberries right after work before bed. Then I will plant pumpkins that take 8 hours, perfect for over-night. Then in the morning before work I will plant rice which is 12 hours, when I get home from work it starts over. The best thing I ever did was wheat which took 3 days, and we went to the beach and I didn't touch a computer for the weekend. The problem was, Farmville was still controlling me even though I was away. I was still giving in to the trap by planting around my vacation. I really want to stop playing Farmville in a way, but it is fun, and addicting, and I have made it really far now. I have to see how much farther I can get. At least it isn't like Metroid, where you get to the end and it is the beginning of level 1. Today is another fine example of Farmville's grasp. I need to mow the lawn after work, but I also need to check my farm first. I really need to mow right when I get home, it is supposed to rain. But my crops might wither. Wow I am debating on real-life yard work versus video game farming. Oh the irony.

October 25, 2009
Went out and saw the movie "Zombieland". It was pretty good. I laughed a lot, but more importantly, I learned a lot about how to survive zombie attacks. You see, throughout the movie, we gather a list of rules that the main character has collected in order to be a smarter zombie evader. Example: "Double-Tap", shooting a zombie in the head even though you have already pretty much killed him. Just to be safe, you know? Or "Check the Back Seat", because there might be zombies back there waiting for you. Anyway, I walked out of the theater feeling like I should be packing some heat just in case a zombie comes up my driveway, or sneaks on me in the cafeteria at work. The movie ends with a bit of romance, and a good heroic scene, like any good zombie movie should. Go see it. And on the way home, buy a gun and a bunch of ammo. You never know, we might need to protect ourselves from zombies... or feds.

October 22, 2009
I have been thinking a lot lately about the current state of affairs in our wonderful country. I love the United States of America with all my heart. I am a Constitutionalist. I believe the Constitution reigns supreme, even the Feds should abide by the rules. EVERYONE. Family is the supreme rule. Dad and mom make the final call. Mr. President answers to us, not the other way around. We employ the Senate, Congress, President, and all the way down to the local Mayors and Sheriffs, they serve us and answer to the public. The Sheriff is the highest police authority in his land, FBI answers to him if on his own turf. The second amendment is the original homeland security. Gun control laws aid criminals and restrain law-abiding citizens like you and I. The income tax is immoral and unjust. Good-bye IRS and and Federal-Reserve. Illegal immigrants have no freedoms in our country. Go home and try for it there, or become a citizen. Do not outsource my job. It is not good for our economy. I am a Boy Scout. I am not a threat. The American soldier is one of our greatest assets. They serve true and proud, and should wear our colors, not that of the UN. The US is sovereign and independent. We do not need to sign treaties with global unions, nor do we need to answer to them. The government should be as small as possible, and exists to protect us and our right, nothing else. They do not give us our rights, they were given to us by natural means, and are unalienable. We are not a socialist nation, and the bailouts and stimulus packages defy our morals and need to stop. National health insurance is ridiculous, and goes against the system of capitalism. Foreign aid is BS. It is our money and we have huge problems at home. If we bring ourselves back into the black and prosper, and decide to help others, then and only then, is when we can be charitable to people who did not make good decisions in the past.